This site is dedicated to Haworthia cultivars and hybrids, mostly produced from selected South African and Japanese material. Many of the plants are from hybrid origin although some pure selected species are also included. The majority of plants were selected, fertilized and cultivated by Gerhard Marx, an artist and one of the finest growers of Haworthia and succulent plants. I include numerous pictures of plants that have been auctioned off since 2008 and ones still to be auctioned.

This site displays 7 cultivars at a time. Older pics will be in the archive.

Haworthia 'Flicka' X 'Lombard Star' Ref:05011105


This plant will be auctioned off as from 24 January 2011 at Auction

 Haworthia Flicka X Lombard Star

Haworthia 'Flicka' X 'Lombard Star'

Size (cm): 8 cm
Origin:        Horticultural Hybrid
Created by:    Gerhard Marx
Cultivated by: Gerhard Marx
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